SolidWorks 2014 SP 4.0 Disponible para descarga.

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A continuación les detallamos un listado de Mejoras y SPR incluidos en SolidWorks SP 4.0. Esta actualización de SolidWorks está disponible para descarga a través del portal del cliente y desde el propio SolidWorks si se cuenta con Soporte activo.


  • 369220 Drawing view is not updating automatically, seat specific
  • 540771 Drawing Bill of Materials (BOM) does not show corect properties of a weldment cutlist derived part
  • 574132 Toolbar buttons added to main (caption) toolbar are restored to default if when the user restarts SOLIDWORKS after a crash/hung session.
  • 612829 When global variable value is changed by an external file, a rebuild is required to change the display of the value on FeatureManager Design Tree
  • 626907 2D Axisymmetric study – local no penetration contact set does not override global bonded contact, causing incorrect results
  • 636281 Equations window: Tooltips says the equation causes a potential circular reference, that circular reference does not exist.
  • 638678 32 bit Non-English computer errors: “C:\Windows\system32\EModelViewRes.dll was not found” message saving from edrawings in .exe format
  • 644660 Knowledge base searching via Simulation Research not working.
  •  661190 Bodies created using thicken surface are not inserted into a cut-list folder
  • 670408 Deleting design table does not change the color of dimensions controlled by the table back from pink to black
  • 680475 SOLIDWORKS freezes while using the Isolate command in an assembly while also having the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Document Information View Tab open for another file selected in the vault.
  •  685629 Right click of shortcut menu for material is missing all material selections; unable to edit or apply material.
  • 687971 Beam mesh control is ignored unless it is defined before any other mesh controls (located above the beam mesh control in the list)
  • 702866 Opening Pipes and Tubes routing tutorial assembly has an assembly error.
  • 709760 Simplify Bends option in not working when part file is flat patterned.
  • 716986 Move Face – Sheet Metal Flatten – moving a series of faces, the bend data is lost when the bend faces are completely translated.
  • 724096 Copying Cut-list properties as File Properties option is greyed out, while saving bodies into assembly of parts
  • 730827 User interface in some commands is distorted with larger Text size selected
  • 733456 Assembly rebuild error and missing external reference error in cavity feature on opening.
  • 733879 Error message: “Bolt connector cannot consist of more than 10 layers” when editing the definition of several bolts simulatenously
  • 738598 ANSI Weld symbol properties are missing the option for none / no symbol
  • 741325 Bill of material (BOM) table of an assembly is displayed distorted in eDrawings
  • 742447 Crash when clicking in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Add-In Task Pane after any Dimension is placed using Right Mouse Button click
  • 743763 Costing Template Editor Error message: ‘Future Version Template. Cannot open template…’ warning opening newly created main template for multibody parts
  • 750622 Foreign language Italian: Scene reflectivity option from Edit scene>Illumination is truncated version of SOLIDWORKS.
  • 751344 Rebuild error for Corner Relief featrue created in SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP0
  • 752297 Assembly transparency for in context edit is not respected whenthe edit in context occurs in Isolate mode
  • 762077 Setting face or feature in part to transparent hides other edges in model when set to shaded with edges
  • 763875 Error message: ‘Problems have been found while creating joints…’ Multiple joints are created at junction despite beam ends touching.
  • 767884 Order Independent Transparency (OIT) causes cosmetic thread textures not to display on certified graphics configurations
  • 768145 SOLIDWORKS HELP – Online content – Electrical Content Portal – Not possible to register and use the Electrical Content Portal database
  • 769374 Insert body into new part with ‘Create sketch on new part’ option enabled causes SOLIDWORKS crash
  • 778547 Missing search option: “all” for libraries in select manufacturer dialog.
  •  781105 Toolbox ANSI Metric Hex Flange Nut has rebuild errors when switching configurations.
  • 782688 Installation error message: ‘We did not find a valid version of Microsoft Excel on the system. Install MS Excel in order to continue’ error when installing SOLIDWORKS Inspection’
  • 784569 Sketch-related build errors after using Rebuild command
  • 784939 Apply fixture on any face. Next apply the load… observe that the fixed face is automatically selected in definition window.

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