Características DraftSight

Matriz de productos de diseño en 2D de SOLIDWORKS



Premium (3D)


Enterprise PLUS

Essential tools
Draw tools (Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Table, Hatch, Cloud, Block…)
Modify Tools (Move, Copy, Rotate, Array, Scale, Trim, Chamfer, Split…)
Layer, Block, Group, Print
Standard Compliant Drawings
Polyline Editing
Auto-Hiding of Palettes
Community Forum Support
Entity Highlighting
Hatch Layer
Discarding Duplicate Entities
Quick Modify: Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale
Insert Centerlines
SVG scalable icons for HD displays (1)
Hairline Option for Printout (1)
Pasting to Active Layer
Layer Preview
Block - Redefine Base Point
Productivity tools
Toolbox (BOM, Revision Table, Hardware, Holes, Welding/Surface/Finish Symbols…)
Design Resources Library
Batch Printing
Drawing Compare
Pattern Along a Path
Split Dimension
Mass Properties Calculations
Auto-Completion Commands
Arrow Key Nudging Entities
Quick Input Methods
Curved Text
Spiral, Helix
Using Formulas in Table Cells (1)
Viewport Layer Freezing (1)
Block Attribute Manager (1)
G-Code Generator
Predefined Layer Support
Dimensions Snap Offset Distances
Power Trim
Dimension – Auto-Placing with Widgets
Image Tracer (1)
Premium tools
3D Tools (1)
Constraints (1)
Interoperability tools
3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace Integration (1)
HomeByMe Integration (1)
PDF Import/Convert & Underlay
■ **
■ **
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■ **
DGN Import/Convert & Underlay
Customization tools
Application Programming Interface (API)
Macro Recording
Enterprise tools
Networks License
Deployment Tool
Technical Support (Telephone, Email)

(1) New feature in DraftSight 2019
** 3rd Party PDF Import/Convert for DraftSight Plugin available

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